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        Those who see themselves in               all and all in them help others,

      through spiritual osmosis, to

      realize the Self themselves.


- Katha Upanishad, 2:8 


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Break out of the routine, turn inward, and become still.  Taking part in this retreat, you will have the serenity of nature and the presence of a Swami promoting the return of your attention to your own infinite wellspring of bliss.  Prepare to be immersed in an environment and a routine that promote a radical centeredness.  

Meditation Retreats

The scriptures tell us that through self-effort, we can become enlightened and liberated in this lifetime.  They also tell us that it is only through accepting what the Guru has to offer that this can occur.  Enlightenment is a real thing, it can be "attained" by determined individuals, and we can help you "get there".

Shaktipat Intensives

If you would allow it, I would be delighted to share one of the secrets of the lineage of the Siddha yogis to which I belong.  Shaktipat, literally the descent of Shakti/Grace, awakens the latent spiritual potential of the individual and causes its unfoldment at an exponential rate.  Much sought-after mystical experiences, as well as systemized breath techniques, kriyas, etc., all happen automatically as the seeker's sadhana draws the Grace that triggers this spontaneous awakening.

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