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Donations are gratefully accepted here on behalf of the Northwest Sanatana Dharma Mission, a religious non-profit registered with the state of Washington. As such, these are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  These will be utilized toward the establishment of a Permaculture education site and an ashram.  Currently, our focus is on acquiring a site.


Blessings of divine Love & Bliss to all who read this.  Special blessings and karma of abundance and harmony to all who help manifest this project.  May it be so!  OM Namo Narayana!  -- Swami Anantananda Giri


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March, 2014


  • ​Accepted offer of one acre of land in Williams, AZ; approximately a 6-hour drive from Los Angeles.


  • Saved enough money to attend Permaculture Design Certificate Course beginning at end of month.


  • Saved enough money for deposit toward Permaculture internship in NSW, Australia, with Geoff Lawton.


         -   $5,000-6,000 still outstanding (course is currently                  undergoing revisions.  Will know more when                          revisions are complete.  


  • Construction and land development begin early April.  The plan for this spring and summer is to complete all earthworks (dams & swales across 12 acres), first stage of swale plantings, and the first dwelling, where this swami and his family will reside.



How to Help
  • Your help can still make a big difference.  Financial needs have not yet been met to complete building on schedule and pay all tuituion fees.  


  • To help, you can select a donation option to the right, purchase one of this Swami's books, or purchase items from the etsy store to the right.  Alternatively, you are welcome to visit us onsite and volunteer your labor.

*Permaculture Research Institute's earthworks course video

*The land in Williams, AZ



April, 2014


  • Arrived at the site of the future ashram

  • Enrolled in Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton of the Permaculture Research Institute

  • Currently Planning construction of infrastructure (living quarters, gardens, earthworks, tree plantings)

  • Changed plan to make first structure a straw bale home, rather than superadobe as originally planned.

  • Have standing offer from friend for free use of heavy equipment for digging swales, dams, etc.




  • Cinder bloks

  • Concrete or hempcrete

  • 4x4-s (16')

  • Corrugated metal for roof

  • Rain gutters

  • 1,550 gal. poly tank (rain catchment)

  • Straw bales

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Sliding glass doors



How to Help


1. Come contribute labor to construction efforts


2. Help create an effective fundraising campaign


3. Purchase either or both of the publications made available by this swami on (So You Wanna Meditate & The Yogic Gospel of Thomas).


4. Purchase rudraksha rosaries made by this swami. These can be seen in the tab to the right or on this swami's blog @ Please feel free to read the blog as well, as my gift to you.


5. Contribute to the start-up fund by clicking on one of the "Donate" buttons to the right.





Progress / Setbacks


August, 2015


As of today, the ashram and Permaculture demonstration site has been abandoned for a year.  We have moved back to our home state of Washington and are still recovering financially from betting on this endeavor which, subsequently, didn't work out.  Without going into unnecessary detail, some explanation is in order.  The donors who offered the use of this land were husband and wife.  One had pledged a certain amount of teamwork, but, despite good intentions, was unable to deliver.  Personal issues which I can't begrudge either for were a contributing factor.  It simply did not work out.


While engaged in this project, I did obtain certification as a Permaculture designer and consultant as intended.  I also had ample opportunity to implement small-scale Permaculture projects and to practice sadhana intensely, so the experience was worthwhile overall.  


Going forward, our intention is to acquire land in Washington State and continue the project with less outside influence.  I will spend the rest of this Fall helping other natural building projects and the Winter working for money to invest in the project.  Donation of land where ownership is actually and officially transferred would be helpful to speed things along, but the project will come to fruition in due time one way or the other.

Initial Goals
August 2013


  • Acquire the land that will be developed or an already existing farm that will become the residential ashram.


  • We require a site that is in Southern California, a reasonable driving distance from Los Angeles.  Crestline and San Luis Obispo are a couple of locations that have been considered already.  Any serious offer will receive our serious consideration.


  • Send Swami Anantananda (me) to a Permaculture Design Certificate Course ($1000-$4000)

*A superadobe home by Cal-earth, this swami's favorite method of natural construction.

Swami Consecration & Ordination
​Guru Purnima, July 22nd, 2013

  • On Guru Purnima of this year, three members of the sangha were consecrated and ordained as  Swamis at the Malibu Hindu Temple: Swami Ganeshananda, Swami Shankarananda, and me, Swami Anantananda.


  • Thanks to the immense and selfless support of others who appreciated the cause, we were able to fly Swami Shivananda Giri, who brought two of us into the sampradayam, from Illinois to Los Angeles where he was able to both sit at the Guru's physical feet for the first time and to attend the consecration event.  He will soon be relocating to found an ashram in Belize.  

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