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Western Church of Sanatana Dharma Services

We offer many services on a voluntary donation basis.  We feel that it is important for this path to be available to all regardless of color, caste, gender, or creed.  By the same token, we do require material resources in order to survive.  Donations are greatly appreciated and put to good use.  They are also tax-deductible.  The general rule-of-thumb to go off of is that if a service incurs overhead, such as a retreat, intensive, or formal class, we probably charge for it.  Otherwise, any compensation is voluntary based on your ability to pay and inclination to help support us and our mission.  


The scriptures tell us that through self-effort, we can become enlightened and liberated in this lifetime.  They also tell us that it is only through accepting what the Guru has to offer that this can occur.  Enlightenment is a real thing, it can be realized by determined individuals, and we can help you remember this state. 

Meditation Retreats

Break out of the routine, turn inward, and become still.  Taking part in one of our retreats, you will have the serenity of nature and the presence of a Swami promoting the return of your attention to your own infinite wellspring of bliss.  Prepare to be immersed in an environment and a routine that promote a radical centeredness.  

Shaktipat Intensives

I am honored to be able to share one of the secrets of the lineage of the Siddha yogis to which I belong.  Shaktipat, literally the descent of Shakti/Grace, awakens the latent spiritual potential of the individual and causes its unfoldment at an exponential rate.  Much sought-after mystical experiences, as well as systemized breath techniques, kriyas, etc., all happen automatically as the seeker's sadhana draws the Grace that triggers this spontaneous awakening.

Chanting Workshops

Mantras are considered to be consciousness-elevating as well as conscious in their own right.  The mantram and the deity to which it corresponds are energy that already exists within you.  Chanting of the Lord’s names, especially in a group setting, harmonizes one with its energy.  One can literally feel the body vibrating with life-affirming energy after a good chanting session.  Mantras can be accompanied by music to promote one’s absorption in the practice.  This is called “Kirtan”.  

Mommy-Baby Kirtan & Meditation

Kids love the chanting/singing of the mantram.  This is a great way to get them engaged in something positive, to burn off some of their surplus energy, and to prepare them for an introduction to turning within in meditation.  The Dalai Lama once said that if every eight-year-old was taught to meditate, violence would be eliminated in one generation.  If nothing else, the sentiment is a step in the right direction.  Meditation is a valuable life skill.  Children who learn how to meditate are at an advantage in life and the world is benefitted in turn as well.


I have been developing some formal classes that I think are really going to revolutionize the way that some people think about meditation, the world, consciousness, and their sense of self.  

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